The Links

Adrian's pages   Adrian Wise's H316 page.
He gives detailed info to programming and offers a free emulator.
SIMH   SIMH is Bob Supnik's vintage computer simulation project. There are simulators for a lot of old systems. Including Honeywell DDP-516/H316.   The greatest collection of vintage computing documents and software I know
Computermuseum Uni Stuttgart   Computermuseum der Universitšt Stuttgart - The greatest collection of working vintage computing stuff I know.
Computerkabinett Goettingen   A nice collection of old computing and calculating gear in Goettingen, 60km from Alfeld. I am now a member of the GCC :-)
TNT   A very nice and friendly shipping company with a great service - full recommandation!
Japanese version of the H316   A little page giving some information about the NEAC (later NEC) 3200. The machine is a H316 - just with another name. Site in Japanese. Worth a look!   My personal website. Sorry, German only.